Mind Matters is an entirely volunteer-driven, not-for-profit, and student-run conference. That means we need your help to keep it great.


We are seeking dedicated volunteers. Please contact us with “volunteer” in the subject line. Please note that while you will receive free admission to the conference, you may not be able to watch all the talks.

Contribute directly

Even one dollar can help us pay for things like international-quality speakers and professional video equipment. Unfortunately, due to the nature of undergraduate event funding, our low ticket prices are less than the cost of the lunch for each attendee. Without your help, we may be unable to release videos from the conference or increase the size of the venue next year so more people can attend. All contributors will be acknowledged on the website, unless you choose to be anonymous. If you would like to contribute a greater amount than those listed here, please contact us for sponsorship options. Unfortunately, there are no tickets included with these donation levels. Click the dropdown to see the donation options you can make:

Help cover costs!
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Mind Matters is a unique opportunity to reach a hundreds of engaged attendees in a single day. We are currently seeking both sponsors and synergistic partnerships. If you would like to join our list of sponsors, or would like to contribute products or services you feel are a good match for our audience, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss exposure options including our website, email newsletter, facebook page and conference day options.


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